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+GEN MAEDA & CO., LTD. Philosophy

Fabrics Friendly to People & the Earth

Giving satisfaction through the creation of fine fabrics

Fujiyoshida is the place of textile with 1000 years of tradition. Located 700m above sea level in the foothills north of Mt. Fuji, amid fresh air, spring waters and abundant natural beauty, it is home to GEN MAEDA & CO., LTD..
Since its founding in 1921, We have spared no effort to offer products which delight our customers.
Our spirit is “Natural, Earth-friendly products” and we offer a wide range of naturally produced goods from handkerchiefs to stoles to interior design.
Preserving the tradition of Kaiki silk, we have added new sensibilities while respecting nature, continually seeking fabrics for the future.

Blessing of Nature and Craftsmanship

The spirit of sure skill applied to every detail

We use some 15 colors of vegetabele dye. They are first decocted to remove impurities and extract the pigments. Then the hot-washed thread is dyed. Other steps include cold-washing, draining, and fixing, and at each step pure spring water from Mt. Fuji is indispensable.
The thread is sun-dried for several days and strictly checked before it is finished.
Consummate skill and high standards maintain our firm’s high quality.


+Organic cotton

The ultimate natural fiber.

The ultimate natural fiber.

Some 20 years ago California farmers who disliked agricultural chemicals, decided to return to old organic methods safe for people and nature. With much effort and care they developed the techniques to raise organic cotton without chemicals, for health and environment.

We use this wonderful organic cotton and natural dyes from the foot of Mt. Fuji, to produce goods gentle to the spirit, body and the environment.

Organic cotton goods, friendly to our irreplaceable Earth.

Respect for nature is practiced in every aspect of producing this organic cotton. The use of such products is our promise to support the environmental protection of our precious Earth.

Organic Certification
"Global Organic Textile Standard"

GEN MAEDA&CO., LTD uses organic cottons made mainly in Egypt, Peru, India and Tanzania. They only use organic cottons which have fulfilled the severe requirement standards.

Organic cotton

+Textile Gallery

+Jacquard’s items

Beautiful color and elegant beauty of the weave.

Differences in the color of vertical and horizontal threads are exploited to weave the various patterns of Jacquard’s items. Different angles and lighting produce subtle changes in the iridescent coloring. The delicate beauty of the technique in Jacquard’s weave is a joy.

+Vegetable dyed

One of a kind all-natural dyed goods.

Vegetable dyeing is an ancient technique utilizing plant pigments. We use 100% natural pigments such as cherry, mugwort and primrose from the foot of Mt. Fuji and pure spring water to produce our natural dyed goods.
Using no chemical dyes, vegetable dyes never produce precisely the same color twice, due to changing seasons, temperature, etc.. Thus each product is a unique creation, which is why these goods are known as “one of a kind”.

Standard textile

The variations of organic cotton

Order made

+Order made

About our custom-made fabrics.


If you are interested in our company, you are welcome to visit.

We would appreciate it if you contact us beforehand and tell us the date and time of your visit via e-mail contact form.


How we make one-of-a-kind fabrics with our customers


The fabric is decided according to the customer’s requirements.

Fabric production begins once the customer’s design is received.

Density, materials, and patterns are decided.

*Experienced craftsmen can help you decide the fabric pattern from previously made examples. 

The perfect fabric material and density is designed according to the project needs.

 The service to create your own original fabric is available. Materials, density are arrangeable. 


The process of making fabrics.


The fabric’s creation begins by making a pattern paper called MONGAMI, then weaving and processing. Each fabric is made with the combined effort of several craftspersons.


Please feel free to contact us.


​How the final product is delivered. 


Orders can be as short as 10m in length. Please feel free to contact us to enjoy customizing your own fabrics.

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